Bentley Laaksonen

Software Engineering,
Custom Linux from Scratch,
C, C#, Bash.

Linux, RTOS, IoT, Device Drivers,
Algorithms, Optimization, MATLAB,
Comm, Infrastructure, Simulation.

MS in Computer Science and BS in Physics with 20 years of industry experience in software engineering. Most recently, principal software engineer and architect for the TruTouch non-invasive alcohol monitor which was selected by TIME magazine for its Best Inventions of 2006 issue. Expertise in the design and implementation of custom embedded Linux systems, device drivers, networked applications, software lifecycle, software testing, simulations, algorithms, V&V, and code optimization. Proficiency in building back-end support for product development including Linux development servers, scientific computing clusters, intranet services, configuration-control tools, and developing systematic processes and solutions at all levels and development stages.

ZUMBA® Fitness
Licensed ZUMBA® fitness instructor Bentley Laaksonen brings ZUMBA fitness to Nob Hill, Albuquerque! I've been a ZUMBA fitness addict since 2008, and started teaching in 2012. Prior to discovering ZUMBA fitness, I studied modern dance, hip-hop, African, flamenco, Mexican folk, and ballroom. ZUMBA fitness brings movements from many of these styles into the classroom in a high-energy package that's easy and fun to follow. Whether you're a newcomer, or seasoned dancer, front row or back, everyone has a great time in class! I'm a high energy instructor so please bring your water bottles and be prepared to burn those calories, sweat, and feel great! Come try it, I guarantee you will have a blast! I look forward to meeting you!

Bentley lives in Albuquerque with his beautiful and talented fiancé QiaoQiao and their two cats. You'll usually find him riding his bicycle, which he greatly perfers over the private automobile. He loves teaching ZUMBA® fitness, peddling all over, skiing, running, fine foods (courtesy of QQ and family), hanging out with friends, games, and music. From time to time you'll find him taking classes at UNM, or otherwise learning new things.